A little bit more about us... and how we think.

Ensphere might be a relatively young Sage partner but we have significant experience of providing Sage solutions, over 200 man years of it actually!

Our extensive experience brings the strength and stability that any business will undoubtedly prefer from a provider. What we also have though is a refreshingly vibrant and positive attitude and a willingness to really make a difference to your business. That’s something that you won’t easily find anywhere else!

Wayne Nolan

Our Managing Director, Wayne Nolan explains why he founded Ensphere:

I launched Ensphere because I have a genuine desire to help my clients gain competitive advantage through the introduction of business solutions built on the Sage platform but enhanced to meet the specific challenges and needs of each and every client.

This isn’t achieved by simply adding additional software to the core Sage solution. Instead we develop programmes that are completely individual to the client. The result is a solution that is as unique to each company as your fingerprint is to you.

I fundamentally believe that exceptional customer service should be a given. That’s why at Ensphere we only employ the best people in the industry. All of our consultants are highly respected professionals, many have worked together for over 10 years and all are fully accredited in their respective areas of expertise.

Ensphere is a professional entity but with a genuine caring, friendly approach to the way we work. We are equipped with the technical capabilities but we also know how companies operate - we understand business processes and issues from the client’s perspective.

It is this combination of a service-driven ethos and solutions that are delivered by the right people with the right experience that makes Ensphere genuinely different.