Build a 21st Century Business Event

Manchester 25th April

Join us for a fabulous management event in Manchester where we explore how modern management techniques are influenced by the appliance of science and technology.

Discover how to plan ahead for your future workforces and gain an advantage.

We cover three vital elements to the growth of any company:

  • Employee Development,
  • Business Improvement and
  • Backoffice System Design

Without doubt this exploration of staff performance, business performance and system performance will be invaluable to anyone who has strategic ownership of future business processes and structures.



Free personal DISC profile worth £70 to the first 15* attendees registered before 28th February.
Register before 31st March to get 50% off a personal DISC profile (saving £35)

NB: All profiles purchased in February will include a 15 minute phone call overview from our guest speaker highlighting the significance of the findings.



a universal language of observable human behaviour. Scientific research has shown that people are similar in many respects, however in reality we differ to varying degrees in our Behaviours and Attitudes. By understanding these similarities, and differences, we can increase our personal effectiveness and our understanding of each other.

Behavioural Profiling System: can provide a highly accurate and practical Behavioural Report which gives very powerful and specific information on work styles, how they affect job performance, how to motivate and manage and how relationships and communication affect productivity and goal achievement.

A Profile helps you to understand more about yourself and your colleagues in just 15 minutes than in years of working together.

Learn how to quickly identify the Behavioural Style of others and how to adapt your own style to get the most out of any interaction. This is a very powerful skill, and can change the way others perceive you, how you develop relationships and how you motivate others and how well you influence those around you.

Behavioural Profiling can be incorporated to enhance any programme -

  • Team Training
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Training
  • Behavioural Awareness
  • Trainer Training
  • Communication
  • Negotiating
  • Mentoring
  • Relationship Building/Managing


NLP is an advanced communication process, developed specifically for understanding and influencing people.

Once we have identified Behaviours (DISC) we are then able to focus on changing our own and others behaviour (NLP).

NLP consists of a combination of tools and techniques which help bring about lasting change in the behaviour, habits and working practices of both yourself and others.

NLP allows individuals to become outstanding communicators in any context.

  • Decision Making,
  • Selling,
  • Customer Service,
  • Negotiating,
  • Presenting,
  • Team Working,
  • Leadership

When using these skills, you will be able to communicate and influence others at an unconscious level to support the message you want to convey and generate lasting motivation.