Cloud Hardware

The hardware layer is build on highly scalable, multisite data storage area networks. These provide tiered storage resilience at disk, shelf, node and datacentre level. 

In effect as an iSphere customer we can manage your requirements right down to the specific hard disk which your virtual server is using. The sophisticated management software which oversees the datacentre operations has the ability to identify which guest is operating on which set of servers in which building and can even pinpoint which disks the load is spread over.

In the event of hardware problem, or the threat of one; such as an overheating disk which indicates potential failure and therefore needs to be replaced we can instantly move your virtual server from one server to another, one building to another or even one datacentre to another with no interruption to your users.

When's the last time you had a server maintenance requirement that didn't result in frustrating down time or weekend working for your IT team.


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