DataCentre Resilience

Our geographically dispersed Tier3+ data centres are heavily integrated into our core network. 

Each has diverse connectivity both in AND out of each location.

Operating independently but being capable of being managed simultaneously we can provision complete scalability and reslience to every one of our cloud users.

Should we lose server capability we would be able to provision subsecond availability of mirrored virtual servers and data often without you or your users knowing what had taken place.

We do this by building resilience throughout and providing a 24/7 managed service:

  • We will always look for multiple links across different routes to our core network
  • We configure multi links active-active and automatically balance the traffic across all links
  • We have a gigabit ring with built in diverse routing and MPLS to manage the traffic in the core network
  • Dual Firewalls can be clustered  to share the load and be mutually backed up in the event of an equipment failure
  • We host in a VM environment for resilience
  • All data is stored in a SAN which gives high performance and great resilience
  • The SAN is backed up off site to ensure a quick rebuild in the event of a major catastrophe
  • All aspects of your infrastructure are monitored and managed by our multi-disciplined technical team
  • The knowledge of your infrastructure is shared internally so you are never dependent on one individual, which is often the case with an in-house managed infrastructure.