Secure Cloud systems

Your virtual server which exists in our datacentre and operates on a cloud platform is securely segregated and contained within a resource pool.

This means that your Cloud System (or Guest Account as it's known) is protected vigorously and completely from any other operational system which may be running in the Cloud in the same datacentre, on the same hardware ring or even within the same server.

The resource pool has features such as Distributed Resource Scheduling and High Availability enabled.

The former controls the load balancing to make sure every guest gets what they require when they require and the latter ensures instant failover in the event that there should be any form of hardware failure.

iSphere uses the VmWare vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to continuously monitor utilisation across our cloud based servers. This application intelligently allocates available resources among virtual machines according to your business needs.

vSphere is comprised of a number of features that transform industry standard hardware into a shared, mainframe-like resilient environment with built-in service level controls for all applications.

Datacentre management with vSphere principles applied

This allows us to:-

  • Dynamically align resources with business priorities
  • Balance your computing capacity
  • Reduce power consumption in the datacentre

Deliver IT Resources as Needed

Depending on what you are looking for we can transform your IT infrastructure into a private cloud, then bridge on-demand to public clouds, delivering IT infrastructure as an easily accessible service.

VMware vSphere delivers uncompromised control over all IT resources with the highest efficiency and choice in the industry.

With over 400,000 customers worldwide and the support of over 2500 applications from more than 1400 ISV partners, VMware vSphere is the trusted platform for any application.


Benefits of Cloud Environments

  • Reduce Costs and Maximise IT Efficiency:
  • Reduce capital and operational expenses and minimize potential lost revenue due to downtime, outages and failures.
  • Increase Application Availability and Control:
  • Automate the enforcement of service-level agreements to ensure availability, security and scalability of enterprise applications.
  • Empower Your IT Department with Choice:
  • Deliver applications and business services on-demand with the freedom to choose your hardware, application architecture, operating system, and private or public cloud infrastructure.

If you would like to free your existing on-premise ERP and backoffice applications from the challenges of hardware upgrade, operating system versions and disaster recovery plans then talk to us about how using iSphere we can provide you with a single turn-key solution which meets all of your needs.


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Align Resources with Business Needs

The DRS component aggregates vSphere host resources into clusters and automatically distributes these resources to virtual machines by monitoring utilisation and continuously optimising virtual machine distribution across vSphere hosts.

  • Dynamically allocate IT resources to your highest priority applications
  • Dedicate IT infrastructure to business units while still achieving higher hardware utilisation through resource pooling
  • Empower business units to build and manage virtual machines within their resource pool


Balance Your Computing Capacity
DRS continuously balances computing capacity in resource pools to deliver a level of performance, scalability and availability not possible with a physical infrastructure.

  • Improve service levels and ensure that each virtual machine has access to appropriate resources at any point in time
  • Easily deploy new capacity by redistributing virtual machines without system disruption
  • Automatically migrate all virtual machines off physical servers to enable scheduled server maintenance with zero downtime
  • Enable system administrators to monitor and effectively manage more IT infrastructure for improved administrator productivity


Reduce Energy Consumption in the Datacentre
vSphere Distributed Power Management (DPM) continuously optimises power consumption in the datacentre.

When virtual machines in a DRS cluster need fewer resources, such as during nights and weekends, DPM consolidates workloads onto fewer servers and powers off the rest to reduce power consumption.

When virtual machine resource requirements increase, DPM brings powered-down hosts back online to ensure service levels are met.

This can cut ongoing power and cooling costs by up to 20% in the datacenter during low utilisation time periods and automates the management of energy efficiency in the datacentre reducing total costs for all customers.