Why Upgrade to Sage ERP X3?

Sage ERP X3 – Why upgrade

This short video by Sage Group gives an incite as to why Sage ERP X3 is worth a look and the high level benefits you can derive from implementing the latest Sage ERP software.


Accounting and Finance

Reduce costs and boost productivity with fast, integrated accounting and financial management software. Sage ERP X3 addresses complex finance and accounting management needs by equipping your business with flexible tools to improve financial reporting and compliance while gaining valuable insight into your business.

The accounting and financial features of Sage ERP X3 offer an end-to-end financial management solution, and addresses major functional domains including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Budgets, Commitments, Cash and Bank Management and Cost Accounting and Dimensions.
Sage ERP X3 Accounting and Finance enables your business to:

• Make confident business decisions based on accurate, comprehensive financial information
• Easily manage global accounting operations and configure for country-specific localization
• Accelerate financial processes including quotes to cash, collections and closes
• Proactively manage risks and compliance; improve visibility, transparency and accountability


Business Intelligence and Reporting

Experience on-demand analytics and rapid decisions making with embedded, real-time business information. Get the most value from your business information with the least amount of effort. Sage ERP X3 business intelligence continually updates information to give you real-time visibility across your organisation.


Purchasing Management

Maximise efficiency throughout your supply chain from forecasting to shop floor to completion and delivery. Sage ERP X3 includes a fully integrated a purchasing management system that covers the purchasing process from end-to-end including purchase planning, ordering, delivery, scheduling and receiving.


Sales Management

Equip your business with the ability to easily manage all aspects of sales workflow. The integrated sales management capabilities of Sage ERP X3 equips your organisation to accurately monitor sales records, as well as, manage information concerning customers or prospects, manage sales force assignments, and monitor corresponding targets and commissions.


Inventory and Warehouse Management

Incorporate real-time inventory monitoring and powerful quality control capabilities. Sage ERP X3 ensures that you the total picture over your warehouse inventory with real-time asset monitoring, including comprehensive product information, inventory location, balances, inbound, outbound and intrasite stock movement and much more.


Manufacturing Management

Optimise operations, boost productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Sage ERP X3 offers a fully integrated manufacturing management solution that supports all of the planning, scheduling and production control activities for either process or discrete manufacturing, and adapts to different manufacturing modes, including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments.


Customer Relationship Management

Take better care of your customers and your bottom line. Enhance your customer service, improve loyalty and retention, and boost sales with the integrated customer relationship management capabilities of Sage ERP X3. When used in association with the sales management function, Sage ERP X3 customer relationship management (CRM) software enables your organisation to improve management of customer relations, organise marketing campaigns, manage telemarketing and direct mail efforts and setup trade shows and press events.


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