Qlikview: Intelligent Data Discovery

QlikView is a new kind of business intelligence software that changes your world.

It is a Business Intelligence software that lets you stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions.

Ensphere Consulting are an experienced Qlikview partner with a rich understanding of key corporate, management and user reporting requirements. In our view Qlikview is the most versatile, simple to use and wholly enriching business reporting application we've come across.

Qlikview will help you understand your business in brand new ways by:

  • Consolidating relevant data from multiple sources into a single application
  • Exploring the associations in your data
  • Enabling social decision making through secure, real-time collaboration
  • Visualising data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics
  • Searching across all data—directly and indirectly
  • Interacting with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics
  • Accessing, analysing and capturing data from mobile devices

To understand more click the logo and explore our Qlikview mini site where you can download your free copy of Qlikview.